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Charming Baker-Guerilla Art: Studies in World A...
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Charming Baker is a phenomenon. Right now, a much bigger phenomenon in the British art scene than the much touted, but now rather tired and fading YBAs. The YBAs, after suitably Bohemian, in-your-face beginnings, are now the official face of British art. You will find most of them (though not quite all) represented in the closing galleries of the new hang at Tate Britain, which aims to tell the complete story of British art, from the Tudors until now.Search as you may, you won’t find even one of Charming Baker’s works in the display. There are no examples recorded on Tate’s notoriously tangled and difficult-to-use website. The gallery owns lots of works by Hirst and Emin. More than a few by Sarah Lucas. Twenty-four paintings by Gary Hume, who is currently the subject of a much-hyped retrospective that runs at Tate Britain until September 1. But no example by Charming Baker. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Bob Barton. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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